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"Appleton’s performance bled with emotion, vacillating between longing and rage - in moments even ominous in tone, with sharp, harsh strumming reminiscent of an Irish murder ballad. In moments, Appleton sunk into his guitar and rocked back and forth so violently he seemed set to launch off the stage - his stage energy best described as a beautiful exorcism." THE MUSIC (AU)



Jed left school at the ripe age of 16 to begin touring across the world, releasing 9 demo albums and 1 studio album from a collection of 200+ songs and has shared the stage with the likes of Passenger, Matt Corby, The Wombats, Julien Baker & Stu Larsen. Tasmania’s Voice of the Year (2017) fascinates crowds with his unique blend of dynamic rhythmic stylings on his acoustic guitar alongside smooth but powerful textures from his raw vocals accompanied by a strong lyrical sense far beyond his years.

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